Hey guys! Welcome to Style Society by Mel Soldera!


I am a Montreal-based mama, wifey and dog mom, with a self proclaimed (and accepted) handbag addiction.


I am blessed to have made a career out of a passion; for over 15 years I have worked in the fashion industry and I feel it is my duty to share all the “style wisdom” I have absorbed working in this crazy, exhilarating business with all of you.


Style Society is a vehicle for me to share styling tips, makeup and handbag reviews, travel and gift guides and everything in between. This is also a venue to share my pre-loved designer boutique and exclusive fashion edits.


I also have a Youtube channel that allows me to go more in depth about things I love, i.e. all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle.


Check out my instagram feed for OOTDs, accessory closeups, special giveaways and glimpses into my world, with special appearances by Luca, Moe and the boys.


Social media is such amazing way to be part of a community of individuals who share the same passions and I feel so blessed to share this amazing, stylish adventure with all of you.


Thanks for stopping by! xo