Being someone who never really dealt with pimples or acne, these last few months had been difficult for me. Aside from hoping to defy the laws of aging, hormonal acne is another reason why I began my skincare journey. I wanted control over my skin and not the other way around. So here is some dermatology advice that was bestowed on me that I am happy to pass onto you guys because it really helped to tame my hormonal acne in a major way.

Because mid-way through my journey, I did become pregnant (first time typing that on the blog – yay!), I did have to alter my routine. With that being said, I will suggest the products I was using pre-pregnancy and those I am using live.

Pre-preggers, my acne fighting ride or die was salicylic acid, which I got in abundance from these 2 products. First is the Jouviance Soft Peel Night Cream, which not only battles signs of aging, it also combats your hormonal acne. It naturally exfoliates and cleanses skin on the surface and within, without any harsh scrubs that actually will exacerbate your blemishes. Next product I want to mention is the Soft Peel Mask, which has similar ingredients to the night cream but in a stronger, more potent punch. Use this product 2-3 times a week to basically have a safe, less invasive chemical peel from the comfort of your home. Removing the dead skin cells and promoting healthy skin regeneration makes skin happy and happy skin is usually acne free. The reason these 2 products are not suitable for pregnant chicks is the salicylic acid (even in small doses) so I had to shelve these products but have no fear, I got us preggos a great replacement.

I started using Jouviance’s Soft Peel Lotion, which has all the goodness of glycolic acid, without the salicylic acid. The lotion is strong enough where you can feel it working its magic, killing all that bacteria going on under the skin, but it isn’t so severe that it causes dramatic irritation. You may need to use something a little more moisturizing near blemishes because it can dry them up but in the long run, that just means that sucker is going down!

Another important step that I think helped my hormonal acne stay at bay (pre and during pregnancy) is using a really good primer before my makeup and switching out a heavy liquid foundation for a BB cream. The primer and BB cream are both from Jouviance because their products are derived by derms so we can rest assure they won’t clog our pores. When your skin is breathing and the sebum isn’t overwhelming your pores, rest assure that your hormonal acne will be tame.

And there you have it, the tips, tricks and tools that work for my hormonal acne situation and me and I am sharing them in the hopes of helping some of you with this extremely irritating and upsetting situation. I felt super bummed when this floodgate opened but with the right recipe you can come back from this stronger.

And if you know my suggestions don’t work for you, please comment below on what does because sharing is caring! xo

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