I never thought of makeup as part of my skincare routine but when you’re on such an amazing skincare journey, it kinda had me thinking, can I step up my makeup game as well? And by the countless requests for an everyday makeup look tutorial, I’m thinking the answer is ‘yes’. So here’s what I’ve been doing the last few months as my daily makeup routine.

First I use my Jouviance Revive eye serum, which we know is my holy grail product. Then I go in with my Antioxidant cream (avoiding the eye area). Finally, I use the Restructiv cream, which you can use near your eyes. These are the first steps that have been keeping my skin on point and ready for flawless makeup application.

I make sure to moisturize my lips with my Rosebud salve and prime my skin with the Jouviance Star primer. That way my makeup stays on my face all day long (where it should be, right?). Now, normally I would use full coverage foundation but since my skin has improved so dramatically, I switched to the Jouviance BB cream, which goes on super smoothly and provides an even light to medium coverage depending on how much you build. It does not cover blemishes 100% but it does a pretty good job of taming them. I use a beauty blender for application.

Next, I go in with the InjectFX stick, which is an essence, a concealer for fine lines. I think it does a great job of filling in what needs to be filled in and gives an overall smoothing effect. I also use it as a highlighter (1 of 3). Then comes my holy grail, the Mac Prolong wear concealer that may appear super light but it blends perfectly, and once I bake and set, it is perfection because even though my under eye circles have diminished, who doesn’t want that bright eyed look! I am currently using the Nars setting powder, which I do not LOVE (I miss you Laura Mercier) because Nars seems to leave a white cast in photos but it does the trick.

Then I move onto my brows, which is a bit of a time consuming process but has one of the biggest pay offs in a finished, flawless look. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz AND brow definer. These are great products for peeps with anaemic brows like me. I make sure to brush my brows after to give a more natural look and then go in with whatever clear brow gel I have on hand (they are all pretty much created equal). Last little step, which isn’t necessary but adds even more polish to brows, is “carving” them out with Nars concealer.

I then brush off excess baking powder (not the cooking kind). Then to counterbalance the paleness that is my face, I use the Jouviance Sun Kissed bronzer/blush duo in Passion. Aside from using the bronzer as bronzer, I use it to do some light cheek and nose contouring. Love products that pull double duty!

After I go in with my Becca Champagne Pop highlighter, which is amazing.

Then I use the blush from the Jouviance duo that may look super PINK but really is a perfect shade for a pop of color on my cheeks.

Eyes are next on deck, and the Jouviance Eyeshadow Quad is perfect for an everyday eye look. And I even use lightest shade as extra highlighting step on the highest point of my cheekbone (giving that stunning glow we all lust after). I then line my inner lid to open the eye even more. Then I curl my eyelashes using a manual curler. Next is mascara which is crucial for ladies like me with faint eyelashes but to be honest, I am looking for a new mascara (recommendations please!). I am currently using Covergirl and Lancome Mascaras.

Then for lips, liquid lipsticks are everything and I am loving the Smashbox 'Always on Matte' in Pink Neutral. It is the perfect shade for a your lip but better look. And it does not crack and has serious staying power. And last but certainly not least, I use the L’Oreal Infallible setting spray to assure staying power and voila, my everyday makeup look.

Please be sure to check out my YT video for a step-by-step tutorial (visuals are best when it comes to makeup IMHO) and a list of all the products mentioned in more detail. And don’t forget to hook a girl up with your fave everyday makeup products. Please and thank you! xo