I understand the panic that sets in at the first sight of snow. But being a Montreal native has allowed me to perfect a winter aesthetic that keeps me warm but is still 100% me (aka never compromising on style) and I want to share it with all of you!

There are obviously different rules for the variety of weather that winter throws our way. But I want to specifically touch on milder winter weather. This type of weather is a perfect opportunity to style your favourite Fall pieces IMO. It is above freezing, the snow is pretty and the sidewalks aren’t a skating rink; so let’s take advantage people! My OOTD is my favourite way to dress for this winter.

Let’s work our way UP… leather booties will keep your tootsies warm while still looking put together. I am wearing a pair from Missguided that have a nice block heel, which you can’t go wrong with aesthetically and for maintaining your balance.

Tucked into these booties are coated jeans by J Brand. Jeans are my go to in the winter and I think the coated denim/ leather look elevates the look. And I am obsessed with how this kinda looks like I am wearing a leather boot that goes all the way up. Visually stunning and comfy – yay!

Then I am wearing a mock turtleneck sweater/tunic in a bright white. I feel like winter whites are underutilized and such a stunning way to do a basic knit. The neckline keeps you warm without any bulk and it looks chic AF. This knit is from H&M.

Top this outfit with an oversized camel coat that combines sophistication and comfort, which I feel is key when dressing for winter weather. You don’t want to look like a marshmellow and you also don’t want to look underdressed so this coat provides a super happy medium. The coat is from Missguided.

Last, rock your favourite accessories. I don’t believe in using certain handbags, etc. depending on weather. Unless you are trekking through snow up to your armpits, wear what you love. Accessories I’m wearing with this OOTD are my Gucci Dionysus and Le Specs sunnies.

So if you don’t know, now you know, and seriously, it is a pretty simple formula that anyone can put together and look and feel really good in. Maybe even good enough to make you forget that winter really is here… xo