So we all have these days inevitably – those days that are filled with annoyances and nuisances and just never seem to end although you try your damndest to will it to JUST. FINALLY. END. And when it finally does end, you are depleted. Well, instead of bringing your shit attitude home, turning your horrid day into an even worse evening, let’s shake it off and pamper ourselves with a delicious routine. What I do first and foremost is put on something ridiculously comfortable and I proceed to wash the day off my face using my Jouviance Micelle Solution. Then I throw my hair into a ponytail and really start the unwinding process. I run a nice, hot bath, fill it to the brim with bubbles and oils, light some soothing, scented candles, set my laptop up to an addictive show and jump right in. Now I can already start to feel the day slip away but why stop there… it was a really bad one after all. Even though I am makeup free at this point, I still feel the day on my skin so I exfoliate. Something that if you’ve watched my previous skincare videos you’d know is relatively new to my routine and it is a game changer. It honestly leaves my face feeling a sense of clean I have never quite realized I could achieve without a facial. The exfoliant I use is the Jouviance Gentle Purifying Scrub that works even for us with the most sensitive skin and like I said, it leaves you bare without feeling stripped and banged up. It’s like how skin should always feel. Deeply fresh and so clean, clean (don’t sue me Outkast!). Once I’ve washed the exfoliant off, I want to take advantage of this bare skin so I do a mask so my skin can absorb some good stuff and feel extra, super delicious. And let’s be real, I think facemasks were made for bad days. They just go together. I use the Jouviance Detox treatment mask (which by the way is hands down the best mask I have ever used and I have been around the mask block). It has a creamy texture that doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight but rather plump and hydrated. I genuinely attribute my new found love of my skin in large part to these products that I use twice a week but I also attribute feeling a hell of a lot better after a really bad day to my exfoliating and facemask. So now that I am all clean, beautified, smelling and feeling yummy, I hop out of the bath, wrap myself in the plushest bathrobe and head to the couch to cuddle, eat, watch TV and read fashion magazines (yay September issues!) with my fur babies and hubby. I mean seriously, I can’t quite remember what even happened today… pampering amnesia? That must be a thing, right?