I'm super excited to embark on this journey; firstly because of the whole 'let's get pregnant' thing and secondly because I am dying to see what a proper skincare regiment followed by a dermatologist will do to my skin.

I've always been very diligent with my skin and thought I was doing a good job fighting the clock but my results said there was a ton of room from improvement. Although my overall age was 27 (yay!) I showed serious roughness on my cheeks and around my eyes. With the custom skincare routine I was given I was promised these areas would show serious signs of improvement.

I can't wait to see the preliminary results in 3 months and even more hyped to see the full effect of my journey in 6 months!

Today's skincare regiment:

Day and Night:

  • Jouviance Micelle Solution to cleanse my face

  • Jouviance Revive Eye Serum

  • Jouviance Antioxidant - used as a serum - to protect skin from external elements

  • Jouviance Restructiv day, night and eye contour

Twice to 3 times a week:

  • Jouviance Exfoliant

  • Jouviance Detox mask

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