I am going to take today’s weather as an official start of winter at its finest (a.k.a. messiest). And with that being said, I wanted to share my list of winter wardrobe essentials that get me through this extremely cold time.

It’s really a simple calculation but it is full proof and you’ll still look amaze.

Let’s start with oversized knits: stick to neutrals and spice things up with fabrics and necklines. Next let’s talk bottoms: skinny is key for tucking into boots and I love denim, leather and suede (faux is best for warmth).

Now a seriously important part of the puzzle is a warm yet stunning coat. Shearling lined aviator coats are pretty much everything and come in a variety of colors and price points. From Acne to Zara, you can’t go wrong.

Then we have accessories, which is how to spice up your look and turn up the heat level for those excessively cold days. A few oversized scarfs, leather gloves and knit hats (with a pom pom if you’re feeling particularly frisky), do the trick. And lets not forget booties, stick to mid-calf or higher to keep out snow and block heels to avoid slipping. Buy a winterizing spray to keep them looking fresh.

And last but certainly not least, coffee, tea, hot cocoa or warm water with lemon for the win in a pretty to-go cup. Key to keeping you warm inside and out!

So that’s it peeps- dressing in a winter wonderland is that easy! xo