Now that our little chick is on her way, I’ve been dreaming up her nursery. But I feel like once you start redesigning and redecorating, it is hard to contain the ideas to one project, one room, one space; the creativity has some spill over if you will…

And so that is where this post comes into play. While dreaming up design and décor ideas for baby girl, I came across something that I had never been into before but now I can’t seem to get enough of… wallpaper. I know this may not be the reinvention of the wheel but not only are there an exurbanite amount of patterns, prints and textures to lust over but where you stick that wallpaper is also open to interpretation and can really elevate a basic, neutral or minimal aesthetic.

I have chosen 6 wallpapers (which was pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to narrow down) and I want to share different ‘wheres’ to paste each paper.

First we have the “tree” print that I could totally envision in the nursery for an accent wall. It is super whimsical and almost fairy tale like without being loud or kitschy. And the muted design will work with any color palette for a baby boy or girl.

Next, the floral print on a black background would be phenomenal wallpaper for a small powder room. Although the black is dramatic, the floral print is soft so the overall sophistication on this paper will elevate even the tiniest, little loo.

Then we have this abstract, almost innards of a crystal print, in the most stunning color palette. I would die to have a walk in closet or dressing room papered in this. It is edgy and soft, a perfect style combination as well. PS. I’d also love to frame a huge chunk of this paper and hang it over my bed.

The palm leaf wallpaper is just a really fun print and I think anywhere you’d put it would instantly transport you to a vacation (and who doesn’t need that). I am thinking this paper would be great for an accent wall in a den. I don’t know why but I’m picturing a gold bar cart in front of it (#vacationbrain). It would also be a fun pop to use this in the back of your armoire or even as drawer liners. Instant sunshine!

One of my favorites, this marble brick print is in the most perfect shades of white, grey and pink and would make for the most stunning master suite of life. Let’s face it; floor to ceiling marble tiles is outrageously gorgeous AND expensive. So this would be a stunning alternative.

And last but not least, this navy and taupe muddy chevron would be perfect for an office space. It is super masculine and fits the library vibe but a chick could totally get sh*t done in a space with this fab paper as well!

So there you have it, my new “wall”paper obsession is real and I had to share my creative overflow will all of you! xo