CARRY ON PACKING Part II: Business or Pleasure

This "segment" on how to travel with only a carry on is multi functional because it shows how I would pack for a short “business” trip or a long weekend away. My two destination examples for this specific packing list would be: 3 days in Vancouver for meetings or 3 days in NYC for fun (although it can translate to many different locations).

Now, unlike a warm weather vacay where the clothes are tiny and it’s more of a relaxed vibe (i.e. who cares if something is wrinkled beyond recognition), the pieces you choose for your 3 day stint need to be versatile yet substantial. You should choose pieces that always make you feel amazing and put together. Go for tried and true looks.

So, let’s jump right in:

  • Leather leggings or leather coated jeans

  • Comfy chic sweats for inside or out

  • Oversized romper

  • Slip dress

  • 2 neutral tees

  • Neutral knit, large enough to layer over pieces

  • Button down shirt that can be worn alone or layered

  • Boyfriend blazer

  • Versatile evening bag

  • Enough undies, bras and socks

  • Set of pjs

  • Only the toiletries and makeup you use on the daily

What you’re wearing:

  1. Favorite jeans

  2. Light knit layered over tank

  3. Warm coat that goes from day to night

  4. Booties that can be worn anytime, anywhere

  5. Versatile day bag (medium size)

If you notice, all the pieces we’ve packed can be worn in multi ways, which is key to not feeling like you’ve under packed and have nothing to wear. I think a large part of this is not bringing too many form fitting pieces because this limits the wear of the piece drastically. And every piece is cool but not in a so obvious way that you can't wear something again.

I think this is actually a very simple packing formula that even the most indecisive packer can follow and feel good about.

Let me know what your tips are for simplified travel! xo