PRIMARY WINTER EDIT: Survival Through Layers

Although the groundhogs may have predicted an early Spring, it is difficult to ignore how it feels outside. For those of you who share my plight of living in a consistent -15 degree C (5 degree F) winter wonderland, it is crucial to find a way to survive leaving the house. And as a Montreal lifer, I think I have somehow managed to get this situation under wraps, with many, many layers, of course.

First of all, never underestimate what your mama preached everyday of your childhood during the winter months, “wear your hat, scarf and gloves!”. By covering these extremities, you have already won half the battle. And by assuring these accessories are in fabrics such as cashmere or wool, you are guaranteed warmth and the use of said extremities once you’ve reached the indoors.

Now for your sweater game, which I know may seem impossible to keep on point with such insane prices out there. Have no fear, there are places that want to keep you warm and your account in the black. Gone are the days when cashmere and merino wool sweaters were only accessible at the $500+ price point. Primary for example has the chicest and coziest sweaters for under $200. Super score! And guarantee that by investing a bit, you’ll have to repurchase less frequently and you won’t sacrifice style for being nice and warm. 

Next step, forgo the blazer on super frigid days and layer a buttery leather or suede jacket over your sweater. It doubles as an extra layer and makes your outfit far more interesting than your reg day to day blazer. And because leather jacket season is so short (why Fall, why?!?!), it is a way to get more use out of these pieces, which is always a score since you love them and they aren’t exactly cheap. 

And last but certainly not least, the fab oversized wool or cashmere coat is my final and crucial suggestion. This baby is going to save your skin every time. Aside from the fact that you can layer it over many, many items of clothing to keep you hella warm, you will never leave the house looking like a down marshmallow. You will always look chic AF, even when it is bitter cold outside. 

So there you have it, a simple winter how to that will keep you toasty and totally fabulous through this last, most torturous bit of winter. Layer on ladies, layer on! xo 

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