SOLDERA TRADITION: Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine’s day is generally associated with romantic love, which is nice for some, but not so nice for others. However, in my world, Valentine’s day has always been synonymous with love in general. And that is thanks to a wonderful tradition created by my beyond amazing parents. 

For as long as I can remember, my parents have always made Valentine’s day special with an adorable brunch spread, consisting of decorations, flowers, cupcakes, chocolates, waffles and little gifts to celebrate our family’s bond and love for one another. It is something I have always cherished and look forward to each year.

And I think this year is increasingly poignant because it will be the last celebration before our baby girl arrives. And it made me reflect upon how fortunate I am to have my family and how much love this little chick will be coming into. Super corny but it’s so true! 

So now, let’s discuss a few pointers on how to incorporate this really fun and sweet tradition into your life. Our brunches are never about fancy or posh things; they are about the kitsch and cutesy-ness of Valentine’s day. The more adorable the decorations, the better; the sweeter the food, the better (you catch my drift). And never underestimate carnations and dollar store confetti bouquets. Just have fun with it and share it with the people you love so, so much.  

Valentine’s day to me is really about celebrating the relationships you have with your significant other, family and friends and although it may seem daunting and depressing, it really shouldn’t. It should be sweet and fun because we all have people in our lives we love and want to celebrate.

Happy Valentine's day to each and every one of you! xo