I came into pregnancy with the misconception that I would not wear maternity clothes. Partially out of stubbornness and partially because my clothes are such a huge part of my identity, career wise and personally. 7 months later, I am not looking to retract this statement, but I am looking to give a fresh (and informed) reassessment into dressing during pregnancy.

1. Not all maternity clothes are created equal 

2. Buying oversized is generally more cost efficient than buying maternity 

3. Don’t hide it, flaunt it 

4. Make sure you stay true to you without causing discomfort 

Lets jump right into the reality that you will not wear your normal jeans, leggings and pants during pregnancy. A rubber band will only hold so long and although belly bands over your jeans can work in the short term, just concede to the fact that your belly and bum will expand no matter how small you are so maternity jeans/pants are KEY. Buy a pair for day and a pair for night and you really should be covered for the length of your pregnancy. No need to buy every wash and cut for a 4-5 month period. Honestly, aside from bottoms, you can really make do with “normal” clothing during pregnancy and here’s how (in my experience). 

Your girls (boobs) will get bigger but until you need a nursing bra, just make sure to buy bras that will accommodate your overflowing cups and avoid underwire if possible. If you only go up in size slightly, they are little bra expanders you can simply hook to your bra to give you that extra little breathing room. Comfort is always first and foremost when it comes to bras and pregnancy, you can be sexy in a few months. 

Buying maternity tops to me is kind of pointless, unless you find them on super sale. In reality, we all like oversized from time to time in our non-pregnancy life, so why not just buy tops a size up and rock them after pregnancy on days when you feel like sh*t or just want to be extra comfy chic. 

As for dresses, instead of trying to camouflage your bump with moo moos and tents, just embrace the Kardashian and rock the fitted look. At the beginning of pregnancy, your normal dresses will do and once you’ve expanded, buy a couple dresses a size up that will show off your baby body but will still work post pregnancy. And if you are huge during excessively hot months, rock a moo moo but make sure it’s one you’d also wear if you weren’t preggers and were just going for that I don’t care, I’m awesome look. 

Utilizing your blazers, jackets and coats is a great way to not spend on maternity clothing. For blazers, wear yours unbuttoned (easy enough). Jackets, pretty much same rules apply (add a massive scarf if it’s cold). And coats, just focus on the oversized ones that look chic whether you are Olson small or 9 months pregnant not so small. 

And finally accessories, the cherry on every sundae. No matter your size, a bag, scarf, pair of sunnies will never not work for you so utilize them to your advantage. And even belts just need to be shifted to the waist, rather than the hips (solutions are apparently my thing).  

So there you have it, my newly found acceptance of certain maternity pieces, while still maintaining the Melissa of it all. Just 2 more months to go! xo

PS. Check out #MelsFashionEdit @ShopStyleSociety, to see me put my money where my mouth is, by styling an entire non-maternity capsule on my very pregnant self.