I may be a pro packer of samples for business trips and a veteran carry on packer for vacations, but packing a hospital bag is a new thing for me. There are so many unexpected things that can arise during labour, having a concise and focused game plan kinda seems futile and panic mode pretty much sets in. What the hell will I need when I have no idea how long I’ll be in hospital, how I’ll feel, how I’ll look (ok Mel, breathe). So let me take you through my worse case scenario hospital bag packing list and then I expect comments on what I’m missing, what I’ll never need and maybe just some calming words for this first time mama to be.

Travel size toiletries

Everyday makeup

Warm (grip) socks

Full butt undies

Comfy nursing bras

Cozy bathrobe

Leggings/ yoga pants

Oversized sweatshirts

Nighties/ night shirts

iPad/ laptop



Pads (TMI?)

Going home look

Giant sunnies

No, I am not bringing a trunk with me. This actually all fits in a carry on. I think a lot of these items are pretty common for mamas but here are a few personal touches I know I’ll be more than happy to have with me. Dry shampoo to keep my hair fresh and presentable. Vlogging camera to document this crazy beautiful experience. A really cute (yet comfy) going home outfit, which will be a long sleeve tunic dress, a leather jacket, some kicks and ginormous sunnies.

So like I previously stated, this may not be a packing list I feel super confident in, but at the end of the day, less worried about what I’ll be wearing during my stay and just so super pumped to finally meet my chick. However, please chime in if you guys have any tips for packing the perfect hospital bag. Let the countdown begin! xo