Although assimilating seasonal trends into a wardrobe is half the fun of fashion, the other half is finding new ways to incorporate and update the classics.

The quintenssial classic look I’ll be touching on today is a pair of jeans, paired back to a striped shirt topped with a blazer. A seemingly straight forward look that may be construed as basic and maybe even boring, but that doesn’t have to be the case. So here is how I’ve put my own personal twist on this look to make it picture perfect.

First, I’ve opted for a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans to give this preppy look some edge. I feel like that was actually my MO when revamping this look, giving the classic a shot of edge. The jeans aren’t completely torn to shreds, nor are they ridiculously oversized, they are just the right amount of torn and lax.

The shirt is pretty standard because I think it is important to still maintain the integrity of the classic and having a nice pin striped, tailored shirt totally does that. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not wearing a starched shirt over here but it isn’t oversized, or too fitted, it isn’t wrinkled or distressed; you get what I’m saying.

Then we get to the topper, the blazer, which I always opt for something slightly longer because the cut is flattering and also a bit more youthful than something that hits directly at the waist. You want to make the classic fit your personal style and this style of blazer is what I like. Also the proportions work with the denim and shirt I chose which is key to any look, proper proportions.

And last but certainly not least, accessorize simply yet boldly. I am only wearing a handbag and a pair of shoes but they are both chosen thoughtfully and add a lot of personality to the outfit without drowning it out. The bag may be red and studded but it’s mini and structured, a perfect balance of classic and edgy. And the shoes may have a pointy toe but their a loafer slide.

Hitting that perfect balance is truly key to pulling this outfit off in a way that isn’t conventional, nor is it deviating too far from its origins. It’s totally me but it’s still something relatable to everyone. Hope this has inspired you guys to put your twist on the basics to make them anything but! xo