Oh How I've Missed... My Clothes

It may sound odd to say "I'm back" when I haven't really been gone nor do I think pregnancy cramped my style (too much). BUT there is no more satisfying feeling than opening up your closet after pregnancy (predominantly in the winter) and being able to wear almost anything your little heart desires.

I want to share a few of my postpartum looks that I wore in the first 2 weeks after baby girl graced us with her epic presence. I must say I do have a new #1 love in my life, Luca Victoria. But fashion, I will forever and always adore you.

So now, a few notes to keep in mind when dressing your post baby body...

  1. Darker colors are your friend

  2. Cinched waists are your best friend

  3. Blazers over anything (not just postpartum)

  4. Show off your legs because baby didn't effect those

  5. Proportion accordingly, not all your bits are created equal

  6. Do you and give your abandoned favorites the love they deserve

  7. Do not feel bad that not everything fits immediately, time heals all flab

Can't went to delve into summer hard and obviously show off my newest and most spectacular accessory because my chick Luca is EVERYTHING! xo