Yesterday was the first official snowfall in Montreal so reminiscing and writing about anything in contrast to frigid weather makes perfect sense. I recently went on my first vacation in almost 2 years (thanks to Zika). And although finally escaping the cold to feel the sun on my face and sand beneath my feet was amazing, being able to do it with my baby girl in tow was next level beautiful.

When we were finally given the OK to get on a plane and head down south, it was time to plan! Since Punta Cana has been our relaxation travel destination of choice over the past few years it made our decision super simple. We entered in our criteria and without much fuss we booked our trip to the Occidental Punta Cana.

I think the most difficult part of all was packing for our first trip with a baby because the fear of the unknown. But once we arrived, Luca was less concerned with stuff mom brought (or forgot) and just living for being diaper clad poolside. And how could she not be, we were in paradise.

A lot of first time parents have reservations about bringing a baby away because we fear the resort won't be accommodating to our needs but nothing could be further from the truth. Mom, dad, baby (and yes, grandparents) were all taken care of and none of us felt stressed whatsoever. I think this is most apparent by a plethora of pictures and video clips of a smiling mama and baby lounging poolside and beachside during our week of pure relaxation.

For our week long escape of relaxation in the sun, we enjoyed phenomenal food, delicious drinks, beautiful amenities with awesome staff and really just enjoyed our time as a family outside of our regular bubble.

And as an influencer, I cannot leave out that the backdrops for my OOTN shots which put any other location to shame (lighting and all). Lets just say, this vacation got us back in the travelling groove. But for now, I'll live vicariously through the gorgeous memories I captured in Punta Cana.