Most common question from you guys since becoming a mom: how was it impacted your style? Honestly, it hasn't. I've always had a strong sense of personal style (which is most likely why I've always worked in fashion). Getting dressed every morning is a huge part of who Mel is and it brings me a lot of joy.

But that isn't to say other things haven't changed since becoming a mommy. For instance, the amount of time I can spend on "beauty", i.e. nails, makeup and hair, has dwindled. A lot. So I'm here to share a serious beauty hack for all the busy mamas or really anyone who has other priorities over heading to the hairdresser every 4 weeks.

It is one thing to wash, dry and style your hair because realistically, I have that down to a science. But for really good color, I subscribe to a ‘leave it to the professionals’ mentality. But that isn’t to say I won’t use a little at home help until the next salon visit (which inevitably gets delayed).

L’Oreal Paris has created some really amazing products to keep my color looking super fresh and I want to share them. First, for those roots that are just a little too noticeable, the Magic Root Cover Up Spray (in medium brown for me) is everything.

Not only does it seamlessly blend my outgrown roots with the rest of my hair, but it also gives some much needed volume to my roots, which become a little lifeless when my color is fading. A little spray at the roots after styling and you are ready to go.

The second product that I am sharing because I love you guys, is the L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Precision Pen. This I use specifically to cover whites and greys (said in a lowered voice) because let's face it, they are creeping out. Instead of pulling them out, which lets admit we all do, I use this pen to make those little guys disappear.

Thank you L’Oreal Paris for letting me put off going to the salon a little longer. I would love to know if you guys would like some more of my beauty hacks. After all, sharing is caring! xo