Maripier X Blush

My time (as a mom, wife, influencer, human being) is tightly budgeted. The days of countless events and endless nights out are few and far between (bittersweet).

That being said, I always make time to support causes, projects and people that I vibe with. So when Blush Lingerie (a Montreal based company, all about the female empowerment) hooked up with Maripier Morin to create a lingerie collab inspired by my favorite decade (the 90’s, duh!), I knew I had to attend the launch.

The event took place at Pastel Rita, which is a café, boutique and artist workshop, all in one. Oh and it is separated by color blocking. Yes, that’s right, this space is color-coded. I love my city, its people and their endless creativity.

Anyway, back to the launch, the Maripier x Blush pieces are EVERYTHING. The perfectly curated collection comes in black and white (who needs anything more) and features bralettes, panties and bodysuits that make you feel like a supermodel.

The gorgeous Maripier was rocking a bodysuit in black and the cut and fit were absolute perfection. And I received the mesh bralette and undies in my goodie bag and let me tell you, I will be buying this collection in its entirety. And I won’t even feel bad about it because the pieces range from $18 to $45.

I love events like this one, where really awesome women are doing really killer things. Oh and speaking of killer, if you guys haven’t peeped by new Fendi baguette, you need to. It’s like this lingerie line, 90’s but better!