Keeping it Fresh

As a skincare junkie (and proud of it), I like trying out new products but my tried and true products in the last few years have all been derm recommended (mine and many, many others) Jouviance products.

With that being said, it’s been a hot minute since my last skincare update so I wanted to do another challenge with Jouviance. For my mid-30’s skin (okay, I’m 36 but lets not get stuck on the technical), I asked my dermatologist to create a skincare routine that would be most beneficial for my skin.

And what she came up with kinda shocked me. Well, the fact that they were only Jouviance products, not surprising. But the fact that she only chose 3 products, really?! I am a 6-7 product type chick so needless to say, I was skeptical.

But I am game to only use these 3 products for the next month and see what my results will be. So for all of you who want to know what products I will be using (no masks, no jade rolling, just these 3 products) and for those who want to try it out with me, keep reading!

*Disclaimer, all of these products are approved for all types of skin, including super sensitive so use away without worry!

First on deck, Jouviance’s Micelle Solution. This is micellar water on steroids (in a none scary way). This product is a 4-in-1 that cleanses, tones, hydrates and removes makeup (waterproof mascara included). Love me a multi-tasker and the pump means less waste and less mess. Super interested in seeing if this will be drying, especially using it twice a day.

Next, the Restructiv 3D-Action Boost First Winkle Anti-Aging Cream. This mouthful has just as many claims, fighting early signs of aging, fine lines, uneven skin complexion and texture and dehydration (yes to it all). This product is one I am familiar with and really like so I was happy it was part of my routine.

Lastly (yes, I was serious, only 3 products), a brand new product to me, the Anti-Age Eye Revive Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum. Now if you guys know me, you know I have some serious under eye issues, aka super dark circles. So anything that claims to reduce dark circles and bags, I say challenge accepted. Love the thicker texture of this serum because it feels substantial and hydrating.

And there you have it, my routine for the next month. Keeping it super simple based on doctor’s orders and really looking forward to seeing the results. Make sure to comment below to let me know if you’ll be trying this out with me! xo

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