Recreating The Look: Pre-Fall 2019

Shortest horror story ever: Sold out.

We've all been there and to put it plainly, it sucks. That's why I came up with this monthly shout out to much loved looks and the pieces you'll need to recreate them and yes, they are all still available (hopefully!) and many are on sale (yay!). So let's get this going...

Look #1: August 19, 2019

Look #2: September 3, 2019

Look #3: September 10, 2019

Look #4: September 13, 2019

Look #5: September 21, 2019

BONUS: Some of the exact items I am wearing in these looks are STILL available so wanted to link those for you guys as well! Oh and make sure to use promo code HOTMAMAMEL for a really good discount (which BTW works on the entire TrendSavvy site!)

Leather pants

Snake shoes

Denim jumpsuit