Winter Skincare Challenge

Another month, another routine but this skincare junkie is into it! And this one is especially relevant for those of us who have to endure cold, harsh winters. This routine (created by my dermatologist) is based on the reality that during winter our skin needs some extra TLC and naturally I'll be using a Jouviance based plan because these products really work for my skin (i.e. super sensitive) and my needs (i.e. not looking old).

This 4 step routine (the middle ground of routines) still focuses on prevention (fine lines, dark circles, etc.) but also makes sure that our skin stays hydrated, which tends to be more difficult when we factor in the cold, the wind and artificial heating. So let's see what we will be using for this months skincare challenge.

Step 1: Hydractiv Cleansing Foam

This product cleanses, removes makeup and normalizes and mattifies skin. I use to be a huge lover of foam cleanser so I'm really excited to try this. And a bonus, it features salicylic acid, so it helps with fine lines while cleansing.

Step 2: Restructiv 3D-ACTION

This anti-aging cream (for day, night and eyes) is one I know and love.

It is super hydrating AND it contains power house retinol. I remember (pre-Luca) this product was very effective so a little goes a long way.

Step 3: Restructiv Focus FX (retinol based eye contour)

Love me a good eye serum for obvious reasons and bonus that it hydrates.

This one is good for day and night use and is effective as it gets. I am going on record saying this is in my top 2 Jouviance products.

Step 4: Restructiv Vitamin C

This vitamin C night serum is our last step and it locks in all the goodness.

Oh and it smells awesome (orange but not overpowering).

And for all of the skincare lovers, a really amazing dispenser.

That's it! A simple, effective routine to stop the effects of winter (and aging...) and I'm really looking forward to seeing how my skin looks with these specific products. Let me know if you will be joining me on my Jouviance skincare challenge by tagging me (YT, IG, comments below) using #JouviancexMelChallenge !!!

And if you live in Canada, MELS20 will give you 20% off on (makeup and last chance excluded), if you are in the US, Jouviance can be purchased at CVS and lastly always make sure to check out your local pharmacy (Jean Coutu, etc.) because they always have really great deals on Jouviance products.