YouTube: I Love Louis (Again)

Watch: Back To Loving Louis

So for anyone who is an OG YouTube follower of mine, you guys know I started my "social media career" (almost 10 years ago) on YT reviewing bags. And most of those bags were Louis Vuitton. I was a die hard LV lover, no denying it (because it's all on film).

Then a few years ago (I want to say 5 or 6), I completely lost the taste for LV. I was not into it anymore, I wasn't gravitating toward new collections, I didn't love the bags I had (minus a few special ones) and I legit sold off my collection.

Anyway, all to say that I am biting my tongue because I recently rekindled my love for Louis and damn, it is getting HOT! Check out these 2 videos if you want to hear why, how, who (bags are people too) and please, have mercy on me.

Watch: I Bought My 1st LV Handbag in 5 Years

Tell me, are there any brands you guys went hot to cold and back to hot again? Am I the only one who lost her way but then found it again? A girl is allowed to change her mind, right? Long live Louis (for now)!