YouTube: Vlogmas Recap Pt.1

Happy Vlogmas everyone! For anyone not following along on YT (subscribe!), I am vlogging every day of December and posting it on YouTube. From behind the scenes at Style Society to influencer events to being Luca's mom, I am sharing it all.

Day 1: Luca meets Santa

Day 2-3: Influencer event

Day 4: Sample sale shopping

Day 5-6: Pick an outfit with me

Day 7: Surprise for my parents

Day 8-9: My two lives

Day 10: 3 events in 1 day

Day 11-12: Closet sale

Day 13-14: Date night

Because some people like the abridged version, I am jumping on here to recap of what the first half of Vlogmas has been about. This is all in good fun and as much as I'm loving doing it, I hope you are all enjoying watching more of my day to day. Love you guys!