YouTube: Luxury Purchase Fails

I love the internet for many reasons but one of the most underrated is the wealth of knowledge that is directly tailored to what tickles your fancy. One of the main reasons I started a YT channel was because I had stuff I wanted to share that I thought other people wanted to know and voila, apparently it was true. So in the spirit of sharing, the good, the bad and the ugly, I wanted to pop on here and give you a gift: luxury items I purchased that I strongly suggest you do NOT!

Click here to watch!

So did you know what items I would dish on? Some are obvious, some not so much but I think all of them have valid reasons for being categorized as luxury purchase fails. Hope you liked this, got a little insight (slash forewarning) and as always I would love to hear some of your worst purchases. It's important to share the good stuff along with the the WTF moments, right? xo