YouTube: Fendi Spy Bag Comeback

We all have a special something and it is totally OK to flaunt that, especially for good. So with my impeccable track record for sensing when a bag is coming back into relevance (and generally exploding), I wanted to share my latest prediction for all my handbag lovers out there... the Fendi Spy Bag. Yes, she is on her way back in so before everyone and their grandmother figures it out, scour the resale market for some reasonably priced gems.

And if you're questioning this at all, check out my latest video explaining my thought process behind the next comeback bag!

Click HERE to watch!

So as always would love for you guys to sound off in the comments telling me what you think of the Spy Bag as the next come back bag, will you be snagging one and what other bags do you think will become relevant again. xo