YouTube: How To Stay Sane WFH

Hi guys, it’s been a minute! I hope you’re all handling our current situation with some sense of sanity and purpose.

On that note, I recently posted a video on YT about how I handle working from home (which I did a lot prior to it being enforced) and I included my best tips and tricks to make it work for you too. Please feel free to check it out and I’ll also go ahead and write out everything essential below.

Set alarm and wake up

Stick to a routine

Have a designated work place set up

Make a schedule / plan out your day

Use your “commuting time” to do something for yourself

Limit social media/phone time while in work mode

Don’t neglect relationships aka socialize via technology

Disconnect after your “work hours” are done

I am going to link some items that I really like (form and function) and will def help you stick to some of these principles. Sometimes its the small (pretty) details that make all the difference in our attitude and productivity.

Rose Gold Paperclips

Red Moleskin Agenda

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Bala 1LB Bangles (Set)

Bala Bands (Set of 5)

Leopard Print Mat

I really hope this will improve your WFH situation and your general feeling about staying home (for the time being). I wish you all safety, sanity, success and lots of love! Xo