Handbag Collection: 2021

Textures. Colors. Shapes. Sizes. New. Vintage. Classic. Quirky. Most importantly: DO YOU!

Every year I give you guys a front row seat into my who, what, wear of my handbag collection and 2021 is no different. Well maybe a little different... I feel like this year's video is the most me video to date.

Every single bag in my collection is special to me. Every bag, whether it was purchased from the boutique or from a vintage shop, represents my style (and its evolution), my enthusiasm, my drive and really a great representation of me, the fashion girl but also the hustler.

So without going into a diatribe of what this video will show and tell you, check out my luxury handbag collection video for 2021. Handbag lover or not (although who are we kidding if you're here, you likely love bags), I think this is a really fun one to check - enjoy! xo

For awesome vintage bags, I highly recommend checking out Retyche (MELISSAS15 for 15% off) and for new designer bags, Farfetch always has a really solid, unique selection (MS10FF for 10% off)