Home Chic Home

Interior is like the life size version of fashion, am I right? And the more time we spend in our space, the more it begins to reflect our style. Well since the pandemic started and my time at home become more and more, I began really honing my interior design vibes and started adding accents here and there.

And then this second lockdown happened and instead of going full on mental, I went full on redesign mode. And that is how my bedroom got this amazing overhaul. Now as much as I'd like to take full credit, I had some incredible eyes, minds and sources that help it all come together and I am sharing some of the process and the results in my latest video.

DESIGNER: @studiomint / NEON ART: @somethingneon_

Enjoy this eye candy, a little escapism if you will and let me know in the comments below (or on my YouTube vid) what you have been doing during this time to help keep you from going insane and finding a way to channel that ugh energy into something positive and beautiful.