New Year, New Channel

No year in review coming from me this year and that’s because I always want to keep it real with you guys. I don’t feel like 2020 deserved a highlight reel but it did highlight more of what I want to show in 2021 and going forward. The hustle that has brought me here, that will keep pushing me forward and that will hopefully inspire you all to know that working your as* off always leads to good things.

A little long winded but it’s all true so without further ramble, what I wanted to share with you all is my newest YouTube channel dedicated solely to me vlogging about my day to day life with all of you. This channel is less handbags and more hustle, less fashion and more family and above all, it is lots of Mel unfiltered.

Cannot wait to hear what you guys think of what I’m sharing, more of what you want to see and what your plans are to create the best version of you.

Words to live by this year: health, hustle and heart.